Minor Guitar Barre Chord Charts

A minor chordLast week, I added some major barre chords to our ever growing list of guitar chords. This week, it’s time to add some minor barre chords. These minor barre chords are based on the same common position that can moved up and down the fretboard. Again, these barre chords bar all of the strings.

On these barre chord chart diagrams, you’ll notice that there is a little marking to the left of the diagram that has a number and “fr.” like 3fr. and 5fr. These markings indicate what fret you play the barre chord position on. So if the markings say, 3fr., you’d play the barre chord on the 3rd fret.

Again, you can view the whole list of guitar chords here!

Minor Guitar Barre Chords

F minor
F minor chord
G# minor
G# minor chord
B minor
B minor chord
D minor
D minor chord
F# minor
F# minor chord
A minor
A minor chord
C minor
C minor chord
G minor
G minor chord
Bb minor
Bb minor chord
C# minor
C# minor chord
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  1. David

    I’ve never had a guitar lesson, so maybe everyone knows this but me, but what does the symbol that looks like a slur above the chart represent? I can’t figure out how you could possibly use the same finger to bar E along with G, B, & e, as in the chart for F minor. Maybe you could describe this and include a picture?

  2. Mike

    hey david, the slur means that you must use your index finger to bar the WHOLE row. thats how you “bar” the chord.


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