10 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners with Guitar Chords

When you’re first learning how to play the guitar, the best thing you can do is practice learning a new song. However, it can be hard to find easy guitar songs for beginners when you’re first starting because you don’t know which songs are easy to learn on guitar and which ones aren’t.

Here’s my collection of some easy guitar songs for beginners that you can pick up right away when you are learning how to play the guitar. There’s a mix of some new pop songs and older classics in this list.

I’ve also written up the chords and lyrics. Click on a song to see the video, chords, and lyrics.

Top 5 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

1.) Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver
2.) Free Falling by Tom Petty
3.) Yellow by Coldplay
4.) Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson
5.) Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynard

More Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

6.) Clocks by Coldplay
7.) Teardrops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift
8.) Lost by Coldplay
9.) Realize by Colbie Caillat
10.) You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

When you get through these, be sure to check out five more easy guitar songs for beginners!

What songs are you learning how to play? What easy guitar songs for beginners would you add to this list?

About Brett McQueen

Brett McQueen is a musician, songwriter, and the founder and editor of Guitar Friendly and Ukulele Tricks. Learn more about him here and follow him on Twitter at @GuitarFriendly.


  1. “Top 5 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

    1.) Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver”

    HEY – a great on-line friend (Brett) told me about John Denver’s song: Take Me Home. I have printed out and started playing. While I need more practice, it is going.

    Thanks for the great tip Brett.

    • kerin

      i love her so much i ahve all her alumbs

    • mike

      hey thx alot, im a United States Marine currently in Afghanistan and every chance i get i try practicing on my guitar. i just started before i deployed so its nice to have some really simple songs to learn im lucky enough to have internet sometimes to look up tabs and chords if any one has any more easy songs to learn plz post every little bit helps and it helps boost my morale out here when i learn a new song so plz keep them comming.

  2. some interesting songs. I agree with a lot of them but taylor swift? who really wants to learn her!

  3. Matt – haha, that’s hilarious. I hear what you are saying. I’m not a big fan of her myself, but I know that some of our readers enjoy her stuff. I tried to compile a variety of different music.

    • mike

      is there any easy metal music you could put on

    • Cara

      It’s okay, she doesn’t need you to be a big fan of hers. She’s only a great song writer (single handedly turned an industry on it’s ear), performer, actress, and role model. Geeze, what’s to like???? Remember, what comes around, goes around. So…go ahead, be critical.

      • klaus

        easy there cara, lets not get carried away. I’m not going to be a “hater”, but I respectfully disagree with you. You didn’t specify whether you were a fan or not, but I’m going to guess by your comment that you are. I honestly had to look her up on wikipedia, but from what i can see she does in fact write most of her stuff, has a little help on some of her tracks. but the statement “single handedly turned an industry on it’s ear” seems a little dramatic to me. I get that to a fan she probably seems really great, but i think that’s true of many artists (case point bands like tool, A7x, nine inch nails, Rammstein, etc.) A statement like your’s was open to the entire music industry, and as primarily a fan of rock music i have not heard any influence from taylor swift. as far as country music goes, maybe she is influential, but lets reign in the hyperbole. good list of songs though brett. very beginner friendly.

        • Mike

          I agree totally mate.. “single handedly turned an industry on it’s ear” is fairly dramatic.. There was just a couple of bands I wanted to add to your collection of examples such as Bob Dylan, Nirvana and Guns ‘N’ Roses

        • Mike K

          I agree totally mate.. “single handedly turned an industry on it’s ear” is fairly dramatic.. There was just a couple of bands I wanted to add to your collection of examples such as Bob Dylan, Nirvana and Guns ‘N’ Roses

  4. Marisol

    I have always sang, but I am picking up guitar as another form of musical expression. I learned to play “Forgetful Lucy” by Adam Sandler from the 50 First Dates movie. It consists of three chords and is easy to play and sounds great.

  5. Cool list, Ross! I like the 2nd list even better…

    It’d be cool if someone compiled the 10 or 20 “easiest” songs to learn in every major genre, along with links to the tabs.

    Very cool post for sure.

    Keep up the great work,

  6. Sorry, I have NO idea why I called you Ross. I swear, I’m not even watching “Friends” right now.


  7. Whatever way you choose to learn guitar, the important this is to start. Guitar playing is a truly awesome thing indeed, whether you just want to play for personal enjoyment, or become the star at your next party. Everyone loves music and the enjoyment you will get out of playing a guitar is something truly special.

  8. the music notes are amazing and there are notes with songs on it… I love it

  9. Not only these songs are easy to play in guitar but they are great songs as well. It’s true that if you first try to learn simple songs especially for the beginners and you were able to play it, the eagerness and momentum to be great in playing the guitar would increase.

  10. Siphie

    U dont actually us how 2 pla guttar

  11. tessa jones

    i totaly find these songs easy but there good if yr board at the end of the day and just need a sing and a strum. my dad taught me how to play now im great!!!!

  12. tess guitar

    i love the enjoymet of playing it just makes me want to play more.. and more and more. i would sit at home and play all day if i had the chance.great songs im great at the county roads one by john denver.

  13. Anyone for a little Poison …
    “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” G-Cadd9-D-Em-C

  14. Valerie

    Umm…beginners don’t usually use a capo just yet so you might want to reconsider posting songs that don’t need a capo. Or post these songs with versions that don’t require a capo.


  15. Valerie, I’ve known plenty of beginners who use a capo. While the principle behind a capo might be a little tricky to understand, it’s not difficult to use, especially when the chord chart tells you where to put the capo. All of the songs clearly describe which fret to put the capo on.

    To learn more about using a capo, visit here: http://www.guitarfriendly.net/how-to-use-a-guitar-capo-2/

  16. Debbie

    I’m loving learning guitar. I’ve always loved hearing people play and been envious of them. I’m having my 3rd lesson tomorrow and my fingers are very sore. I’m so glad I found this site because I can’t wait to play soul sister!

  17. Debbie, it’s great to hear your enthusiasm. Enjoy your lesson!

  18. sherlock

    Brett your a good teacher and your helping me very2x much…
    but in your top 5 easy songs can u post a video that is playing those songs? country road…etc.
    i know it sounds dumb but i am a starter and i really want to learn…so can you pls help me in my strumming?

  19. sherlock

    and another thing can i ask your facebook so that i can ask a dozen of questions? :D

  20. Sherlock, if I can in the future, I will post some videos playing these songs. I tried to include videos of the actual song so you can hear it and play along with it.

    We have a couple online video lessons on strumming here: http://www.guitarfriendly.net/category/video-guitar-lessons/

    Also, you can connect with me through the Guitar Friendly page on Facebook: Facebook page

    Post your question on the discussion board and we can talk about it. Sound good?

  21. sherlock

    perfectly! thanks a lot!

  22. Due to its versatility, portability, and the fact that it can be used to play almost any type of music, the guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn how to play. Whether you’re interested in folk, country, rock, jazz, or any number of other musical styles, learning how to play the guitar can give you the ability to play and perform your favorite songs, or even write some of your own.

  23. Excellent list of easy songs to get started with. How about ‘You shook me all night long’ from AC/DC. Another great 3 chord classic.

  24. fgv

    I can safely say that every kid who took guitar lessons from 1990-1998 learned how to play Free Fallin. And for good reason. Still sing it at impromptu hootenanny’s

  25. can some one give me the chords 4 collide by howie day i just cant get it down i just cant time it right any advice anyone.

  26. this really helped me out thnks :)

  27. The Electric guitar’s popularity began to increase during the Big Band era of the ’30s and 40s. Due to the loudness of the brass sections in jazz orchestras, it was necessary to have guitars that could be heard above the sections. Electric guitars, with the ability to be plugged into amplifiers, filled this void.

  28. Here’s another top 5 easy guitar songs for beginners:

    1 – Mull of kintyre – Wings

    2 – Stand by me – Ben E King

    3 – Wonderful world – Sam Cooke

    4 -Wonderful tonight – Eric Clapton

    5 – What’s up – For Non Blondes

  29. Red

    Say what you want about Taylor Swift, but a few things to keep in mind….

    She plays her own instrument
    She does not need Auto-Tune to sing
    She is a chick
    A lot of her songs use simple chords (expect them to get harder the older she gets / longer she plays guitar)…

    I’m not a big fan of hers, but she is OK in my mind just because she plays her own instrument, and can sing without Auto-Tune… how many other “musical performers” that have made it big in the last few years can say that?

  30. You forgot this one

    Hey how about californication by red hot chilli peppers?

    It’s definitely worth checking out..
    here’s a nice lesson i picked up on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSy3pOw8Qis


  31. Nice songs. Everyone that wants to learn beginner guitar songs would enjoy these

  32. What about some Beatles songs? I always enjoyed playing songs such as Yesterday, Good Day Sunshine and a Hard Days Night.

  33. Where do I put my fingers for each note? :/ I don’t understand. XD

  34. Hey, this website is the best thing ever, I’m just learning how to play guitar and looking for some easy but fun songs. Thanks sooo much.


    • nekeisa

      i also think this is the best website ever this is the only website that i ever visited that i did not have to pay to get the songs

  35. Darrin

    I feel dumb saying this, but I’m having trouble listening to a song and figuring out the strum pattern to play it. Is there any “trick” to doing this?

  36. Rohit Kashyap

    thx nice list im learning guitar for a week now m all done with chords
    Now learning Shifting frome one to another .which is pretty boreing may be playing songs will help me with my shifting . Thank you very much
    Aaaaaa man my fingers hearts

  37. Remarkable write-up, give thanks to you, I can pay a visit to again now!

  38. Sarah

    Geez! This site rocks. It’s so helpful.

    I have a question though that I can’t find the answer to. What does the – mean over words in a song instead of a chord? Does that mean continue the same chord as before? Thanks!!

  39. I like to teach many of my beginner students to play “Let It Be” by the Beatles. It’s a great song that everyone knows and likes.

  40. nekeisa

    i just got chords for country roads by john denver just need to tune guitar and i can go and get started on learning the song thanks guitar friendly

  41. nekeisa

    are there any other songs you guys recommend i should learn

  42. sandie

    thanks a bunch for the list! doing great in 5 days after i gotmy guitar =D
    you can add anyone else but you by moldy peaches and green day’s time of your life…cheerio.

  43. Blue

    I’m going to begin with Lost – Coldplay.
    I got my guitar three days ago, I know the chords to the song, but I’m having trouble transitioning from one chord to another so fast!
    I HOPE I’ll be able to learn this soon. I really want my first song to be a Coldplay one.
    Any tips ?

    • James

      Yeah! Try changing just one finger for each chord so start off just changing the first finger to another chord then the second, then try both together and keep working through the fingers. thats what i did and i can play lots of chords together now.

      Hope this helps.


  44. hey guys, i’d recommend The Only Exception or When It Rains, both by Paramore. Search for non-capo versions :)

  45. lou

    hey great site , however the video commercials are extremely annoying.

  46. Another thing about beginners and capos is that it might make it easier for them. Its easier to hold the strings down with a capo and the frets are closer together so it;s easier to reach the notes.

  47. yeliab

    could u please send me all the songs and should’t smoke on the warter be one of the easy songs


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